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The Summer of 2010 sizzles!

Posted by Dolores Parsons on July 12, 2010 at 10:12 PM

Wow, the last time I remembered a summer this hot was 1998, the year I moved up here to the Catskills. I am proud to announce that I was voted into the local kennel club, DONKC, and I hope to begin showing my dogs within a year or two. I have a lovely little chocolate toy female poodle that I call Cherub. Cherub is a show prospect, and I hope she holds it together. We'll know in a few months, when her secondary teeth come in and her personality rounds out, whether she is show material or not. Check her out on the OUR PUPPIES link!

 Aw, what the heck, here she is! Isn' t she gorgeous????

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