Eine Kleine Kennel

Quality AKC poodles and cocker spaniels


From time to time we have young adult dogs available for adoption. We charge a very modest adoption fee of $450.00 for our Poodles. These dogs become available for various reasons, mainly because they yearn for something  more than a kennel home. They want a home of their own. Please consider giving one of these wonderful dogs a "forever home." And remember: You can return your dog for any reason within 3 weeks and we will refund your adoption fee in full.

 We require that you come to meet the dog you are interested in. Please keep in mind that dogs are living creatures with feelings like ours, and there is a dynamic that has to happen between you and the dog. Basically, he or she has to like you and want to go with you. We require that the dog be spayed or neutered, and we will hold the AKC papers until we receive proof of neutering from you.  We will, however, give you a bill of sale for the adoption fee.  We also require veterinarian references. A reference from a groomer is a decided plus!


PLEASE NOTE that we advocate companion homes for these dogs. They are not being offered for breeding.