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     Hi Dolores !

We purchased our poodle pup, Frankie, from you over 2 years ago and we just LOVE her to pieces! She is the most amazing dog ever! (clearly we are not biased).  We've been thinking of the possibility of another poodle pup to add to the family, although not really sure about when to do this.  Are you still breeding poodles?

We're still so thankful to you for Frankie - she's awesome.
L. S.


Hi Dolores,

Just writing to let you know your Twillight is doing just fine.  She has been named Sophie and is AKC registered as you recommended,   She is an absolute delight, smart as a whip, and a joy to have.  Thank you so much.

(I will send a photo when I can get a minute to do so.)

M. and K. 


Nearly three years ago I purchased a 2 year old Mini poodle from Eine Kleine Kennel.  She is so calm and laid back it is hard to realize that she is a poodle!!  Even my vet acknowledged that he had never seen such a calm poodle.  We had her spayed as in our situation it was the best thing to do.  She travels with us everywhere and absolutely loves everyone. Tara is a beautiful companion and totally devoted to my husband and me. I am so grateful that we found Tara and could give her as much love as she gives us.  She is a happy, healthy (and did I mention) sweet little friend.   

E. C.


Hello Delores this is Catherine. We just wanted to thank you for giving us this beautiful angel. Juno has been very good.  The first night when we brought him home was tough for him and he cried quite alot. I slept on the couch next to his crate and I woke up and took him outside 4 times. The second night Sunday he cried for a few minutes and then slept through the entire night. We were so proud of him. He didn't even potty inside the crate. And so far tonight no crying. So he has adjusted quickly. He is in a crate which is too big for him so we sectioned off a little spot for him and put a blanket in there to keep him cozy.  We also put a sheet on top of the crate to enclose the crate and make it feel more den-like. During the day he takes lots of naps and he is starting to walk into the crate on his own. He loves the toy you gave him and goes crazy with it. We bought him little dental bones that he loves to chew on.  


When a teenager, of the Catholic religion; enters the 10th grade, they make their
confirmation. With the making of their confirmation they choose another name with
special meaning. Well, I would like to give Dolores a confirmation name; Jasmine.
Jasmine means a gift from GOD and a flower. Which, when you think of it; a flower
is also a gift from GOD. Dolores has been my family's savior. After a very unexpected
loss of my beautiful first love, Princess; we brought our new little gift; Jasmine into
our lives. Now you can see the connection with the name. Jasmine has helped our family
heal. Princess is always in our hearts. This could not have been possible without
Dolores. I searched on and off for a yr, before I stumbled on to EINE KLEINE KENNEL's
website, where I found Princess. I just knew that Dolores was the one to work with and
trust. Boy was I right. Not only is Jasmine part of our family now, but so is Dolores.
We both cried over the loss of Princess, and now we both smile with the new joy that
Jasmine brings us. If you want a wonderful experience, get your new family member
from EINE KLEINE KENNEL. You won't be sorry.

Donna G.



We are enjoying Petey so much already! Milo and Petey took a nap in the crate! Milo wanted to join him and Petey stopped crying and settled down as soon as Milo got in there. I think they will be great friends. :)

Thanks again! 






Mia belongs to Ying.